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Entertain ~Performance

 InspirAsian Dance perform at Weddings, Birthday parties and Hen parties as well as Corporate events and Launch Parties. Look out for us at a wide range locations including Festivals, Carnivals, Caberets and Community events, or just up and about on the cliffs of Cornwall...

Jai Ho on the Cliffs of Cornwall

 InspirAsian Dance are a professionally trained Bollywood Dance group who perform an array of Indian Dance styles.
  Bollywood, Bhangra and Kathak, are the core dance genres we specialise in.  
Our 'Traditional Indian Dance' is graceful, lyrical and enchanting...  drawing from Kathak, North Indian Classical Dance. Kathak and Bollywood are expressive dance genres which tell stories using 'mudra' or gesture, as well as facial expressions and graceful movements.

WHY NOT END THE NIGHT WITH A Bollywood Workshop? Led by Charlotte and the dancers after the performances.
A great way to get your guests up to learn a few moves!

  Contact us if you would like to hire professional InspirAsian Dancers for your special occasion.
We can tailor a package to your event requirements and cater for shoestring budgets as well as lavish events.

Our interpretation of Bollywood dance can be seen in the 'Modern Indian Dance ' performance routine. Thanks to our wonderfully diverse performers, our style is always growing and developing.  We also offer Fire dance displays which are performed outdoors.
What to expect:
 Our troupe of dancers perform to a range of music from old & new Bollywood classics to lively modern Bhangra.
We perform in a dazzling array of vibrant costumes complete with colourful scarves and glittering jewelery. Our choreography complements the costumes giving justice to the rich rhythms, instrumentals and lyrics expressed in the music.
The performances are split up into 10 minute genres such as Traditional Indian Dance & Modern Bollywood.  Performance times can range between 10-40 minutes depending on what is required for your event.