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Entertain ~Performance

 InspirAsian Dance perform at a wide range of events:
 Weddings, Birthdays, 
Themed Events & Fundraisers.
Look out for us at a wide range of locations: 
Festivals, Carnivals, 
Caberets & Community events.
The 'Traditional Indian Dance' is graceful, lyrical and enchanting. Semi-Classical, Gujurati Garba & Kathak, 
North Indian Classical. 
Kathak and Bollywood are expressive dance genres which tell stories using 'mudra' Hastaks or gesture, as well as facial expressions and graceful movements.


Rhythmical patterns in the music are emphasised by the footwork and bells on the ankles.
Charlotte is Classically trained in London by Nikita Thakrar of DNC Ltd. All Classical compositions belong to the Lucknow Gharana which has strong Mughal influences. 
This style celebrates both Hindu and Islamic faiths.
The 'Modern Indian Dance ' routines are performed to popular upbeat Bollywood songs. 
Bhangra is high energy, large movements to fast, deep rhythms. Extremely upbeat, vibrant and engaging.


InspirAsian  Fire Dance displays are performed outdoors.

Performances include: 
Fire Hula-hoop, fans and batons as a solo or group fire displays. 

Hire us to perform 8 weeks before the event, get a FREE Bollywood Workshop
Led by Charlotte and the dancers alongside the performances. A memorable, fun and interactive form of entertainment for all. Cameras at the ready...

Prices start from £100 for first performer & 
£60 per extra dancer. 
-There are up to 10 performers in total. 
-For fire performances, we charge an extra £40 per dancer. 
E.g. A trio of Dancers performing Bollywood & Fire 
£340 + travel.