• Indian Dance: Bollywood, Bhangra & Kathak.

~ Entertain: ~Performance  
~ Educate: ~Workshops  
~ Energise: ~Classes 

InspirAsian Dance offer authentic Indian Dance through Entertainment & Education. A Bollywood dance company in Cornwall provide live Indian Dance Shows and interactive Workshops for all ages. Weekly classes in Truro and a range of other services including Educational Workshops, Hen Parties and Children's Parties.

 We are a team of professional Bollywood dancers and also provide additional services such as Yoga-Dance, Hula-Hoop Dance and Henna Art as well as our outdoor Fire Dance Displays. 

InspirAsian Dance & Bhangra Band: RSVP

Come and Dance with us...
  • Weekly Adult Classes at Truro College on Monday Evenings: Bollywood & Bhangra for Beginners.
  • Children's Bollywood Workshops for Parties and Events
  • Adults Indian Dance Workshops in Bollywood, Bhangra or Kathak.
  • Educational Indian Dance & Culture Workshops in Schools
  • Live Indian Dance Performance for a wide range of events
Extra services: 
  • Hula-hoop Dance- Hire our custom made hula-hoops for a workshop with a twist! 
  • Weekly Adult Classes at Truro College on Monday Evenings: Hula-hoop Dance for Beginners.
  • Fire Dance Display- Fire Hula-hoop, fans and batons... we will light up the night with our solo and group fire displays. 
  • Henna Art- Bespoke henna art using natural henna. Traditional and modern designs available for all ages. 
  • Dressing up- Beautiful Indian Dance costumes of all sizes available to borrow. Including learn how to wear a Sari workshop. 
  • Yoga-Dance- A gentle movement session to mobilise, stretch and gain alignment. A mixture of sequenced yoga postures, practiced to relaxing  Indian Music. Mats provided. Workshops available in groups of a minimum of 5.
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