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InspirAsian Dance is an authentic Bollywood dance company in Cornwall offering live Indian Dance Shows and interactive Workshops for all ages. Weekly classes in Truro and a range of other services including Educational Workshops, Hen Parties and Children's Parties. We are a team of professional Bollywood dancers and also provide additional services such as Yoga-Dance, Hula-Hoop Dance and Henna Art as well as our outdoor Fire Dance Displays.

Watch InspirAsian Dance Perform Pop-up Performances:

Come and Dance with us:
  • If you have particpated in a workshop with us and wanted to remember the Michael Jackson Bhangra Dance.... HERE IT IS!
  • Taking bookings for 5 week dance courses in Yoga-Dance, Bollywood and Hula-Hoop at Truro College, Carnon Downs. Term-time weekly drop-in classes at Breathe & LA Studios.  Please see our Energise ~Classes page for more information.
  • CHILDREN CAN LEARN TOO! Taking bookings for Children's Birthday Parties and Educational Workshops in Schools. Check out our weekly FAMILY BOLLYWOOD CLASS FOR ALL AGES ON FRIDAYS...

  • Taking orders for Dance Hoops.  Slim or thicker width, made to individual size/ ability. Various colours available. For those who want to develop hoop skills. Big Adult hoops £15 or Child/ smaller thinner hoops £10.

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